About The Next Testament

Many people feel that they were jilted at the altar of religions. They were given promises that ultimately seemed to prove hollow. Contemporary religions are mostly reliant on beliefs fortified with traditions, rituals and holy books. A real sense of community among the participants is what holds them together. The kernels of truth found in every one are often turned into talismans by cant instead of enlightenment realized through the embrace of personal experience.

Holy books in particular are odd affairs. Most of them are stories from the dim past. They tend toward mythologized histories of people who were vitally important figures for the spiritual uplift of humanity in bygone eras. Their truths were generally so advanced that they still resonate in our hearts and minds this very day. A reverence for those ancient tales produces an emotional bond to the past. That often seems to relieve individuals of the hard work necessary to experience spiritual growth by substituting an intensity of belief in the concepts of it and the stories of its origin. Unfortunately any system of credence tends to fall apart when critically examined, leaving an empty feeling.

It is time to create an up-to-date written testimonial of our progressive spiritual reality, one that doesn’t demand reverence. The Next Testament is an anthology of contemporary personal narratives. Depending upon the individual’s point of view the events being described may be recognized as realizations, inspirations or religious experiences. Individual stories describe the inner discovery of that person’s universal connection. Collectively they are a dynamic canvassing of the religious impulse. The accumulated vantage points of these experiences will create panorama of possibilities in which our own efforts will find context. As time goes on, new stories will bury the old to keep the anthology refreshed.

We live in a time of a great spiritual awakening. I believe that individual stories of spiritual enlightenment will prove of great interest to those who live after this collective human epiphany has been established. If you would be willing to participate by sharing your story please contact us.

♥ Welles B. Goodrich — Chutzpah Galleries & Theoretics Institute